90% of decisions to purchase happens on Social Media.

From liking your post to buying your product in less than 10 Seconds

Chat Bots on Messenger 

  • Sell your products on Messenger

  • Secure Payments

  • Update Order Status

  • Broadcast New Launches

  • Reduce Ad Spends

  • Get Instant R-O-I on your posts





If you haven't heard yet- Websites are losing out big time. Nobody likes to register an account, wait for pages to load, multiple re-directions. You get the picture.

Start selling on Social Media.

Convert users into customers as soon as they see your post.

Getting user visibility for your posts is extremely hard. Gone are the days when customers engage with your post as soon as you publish them.

Social feed has become crowded, tricky and inefficient. 

Grow your Messenger Bot Subscribers and engage with them directly. In One Click. 

Grow Your




Let customers buy your products from Messenger.

Its Automated, Fast & Secure.

No matter how big or small your SKU's are we have got you covered.

Did we mention Automated ?

Your messenger bot will be up and running 24/7.

The bot will be selling while you sleep and answering customer queries round the clock.



Dashboard - Manage Products | Stock | Orders

A powerful dashboard that lets you control your products, customization options, product images and all other aspects of the bot and your business.

Easy to use and can be set up in a matter of minutes. We can even set it for you.

Lead Generation & Broadcast

Messenger Bots are perfect tools for efficient lead generation. Anybody who engages with your post can be converted to your bot subscriber. Using tools like Broadcast you can engage with your audience on Facebook in One Click.


Messenger Broadcasts have an Industry Leading 85% Open Rate. Its the best marketing tool right now to make your brand be heard.

Human Hand Over

We understand that certain queries require human intervention. Customers can click on "Chat with Team" for such cases. The bot will automatically pause and wait for a human to take over.


Don't worry, we will alert you via Email. Your social team or support can handle the query from Facebook Pages. After addressing the query once they click on "DONE", the bot will take over.

Artificial Intelligence 

Your bot comes loaded with a heavy dose of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding. We use the worlds best AI Engine to handle user queries about your business and products.

Don't sweat it. We have already done all the heavy lifting for you. You just need to plug in your products and it will just work. In case you want to control the answers or add few more FAQ's you can do it from your dashboard. 

Reduce Marketing Spends

Convert your followers to bot subscribers. Add Call To Action buttons like "Send Message" or "Shop Now" to your posts and ads on Facebook & Instagram. Reach to your followers directly on Facebook Messenger to engage with them.

Never run an Ad again !!!